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The bluish-white light with up to 4,200 K

Discover COOL BLUE INTENSE - high-tech halogen lamps, almost in the league of xenon lamps. With its powerful and bright bluish-white light up to 4,200 Kelvin, whose cool beam makes it look very like a xenon lamp, it gives real design fans their money's worth. The automotive lamp also provides a high-contrast light similar to daylight, which makes it easier on the eyes than the light from standard lamps. In comparison to standard halogen lamps, the OSRAM COOL BLUE INTENSE range is up to 20% brighter. The modern design with silver cap (H4/H7/H11/HB4) is ideal for use in clear-glass headlights. That gives your car a stylish look.

Technical Data 

Application (Category and product specific)   Halogen headlight lamp
ECE category    H1
Base (Standard designation)   P14.5s
Technology   HAL

Electrical data

Power input

68 W (Maximum)

  Test voltage 13.2 V
Nominal voltage 12 V   Nominal wattage 55 W


Photometrical data

Luminous flux 1550 lm   Luminous flux tolerence ±15 %
Color temperature 5000 K      


Dimensions & weight

Length 67 mm   Product weight 6 g
Diameter 9 mm      



Lifespan B3 150 h   Lifespan TC 250 h


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