Super Bright | H3

Osram Super Bright | H3 (Set of 2)

The high-wattage off-road light with extra power

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The high-wattage off-road light with extra power

SUPER BRIGHT PREMIUM and SUPER BRIGHT are high-wattage off-road lamps with extra power. Those rugged and versatile lamps proved excellent brightness even on the most difficult terrain: rescue services, construction and transport work, agriculture and forestry.These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage. Some countries prohibit the sale and use of these products. Please contact your local distributor for information on your country.

Technical Data 

Application (Category and Product specific)   Halogen headlight lamp
Product-Type (off-road vs. on-road)   Off-road ≙ H3
Base (Standard designation)   PK22s
Technology   HAL

Electrical data

Power input

85 W (Maximum)

  Test voltage 13.2 V
Nominal voltage 12 V   Nominal wattage 100 W


Photometrical data

Luminous flux 2300 lm   Luminous flux tolerence ±10 %
Color temperature 3200 K      


Dimensions & weight

Length 42 mm   Product weight 8 g
Diameter 12 mm      



Lifespan B3 23 h   Lifespan TC 50 h


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Super Bright | H3

IQD 1,500.0