IQ Nail free bond 300 ml | IQCON 7232

IQCON 7232
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Achieve a strong hold without the need for nails or screws with IQ Nail Free Bond 300 ml. It's fast, efficient, and mess-free.


  • Very strong initial bonding, super cured final adhesion, applicable on wide range of material including wet wood. 
  • Thanks to its unique chemical combination, it is resistant to weather condition, temperature resistance  (-20 ~ +100 C°), resistant to limited vibration, weather proof, water-proof, almost none-shrinking with time, paintable and safe on other material. 

Can be used for: 

  • lighting & lenses, aluminum stripes, handles, steel plate, marble, various wooden parts, door sleeve lines, gypsum stripes, flooring tiles, various decorative pendants and various wall panel types, paintings, signs, cladding items, gypsum board, metal, mirror, rubber, glass, plastic, skirting boards, shutters, thresholds, window sills, boundary stakes, pillars, junction boxes, various artificial materials, stoneware, ceramic tiles on concrete, brick, plaster, walls and chipboard.


  • 12 months under dry conditions, below 27°C. 
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