INGCO HBJ602 Hydraulic Bottle Jack - 6 Ton Capacity | Precision Lifting

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Heavy-duty 6T Jack, Min 210mm to Max 410mm lift. Safe & Efficient.

  • The INGCO HBJ602 Hydraulic Bottle Jack is an industrial-grade lifting device capable of handling up to 6 tons with ease. It offers a substantial maximum height of 410mm, making it a versatile tool for various lifting needs. The sturdy design, coupled with a net weight of 4.1kg, ensures stability and longevity. This jack is equipped with a safety valve for secure operation, highlighting INGCO's commitment to safety and reliability. With a minimum height of 210mm and a travel span of 200mm, it caters to a broad range of lifting tasks. Each jack comes packaged in a color box, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition​​.

  • Key Features and Benefits:

    • 6 Ton lifting capacity to handle substantial weights with reliability.
    • A safety valve incorporated for secure lifting operations.
    • Adjustable height from 210mm to a maximum of 410mm provides flexibility for various applications.
    • 200mm travel for greater reach and adaptability to different tasks.
    • Hefty yet manageable 4.1kg weight adds to the product's portability and durability.
    • Color box packaging ensures the jack is protected and easy to store​2​.

  • Type: industrial
  • Min height: 216mm
  • Max height: 413mm
  • Travel: 197mm. safety valve
  • Colour: yellow
  • Net weight: 4.6kg
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