CRC 64780 Contact Cleaner 400ml - Quick-Dry & Residue-Free

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تسوق Contact Cleaner CRC 400 ml | 64780 بافضل الاسعار اونلاين من تولمارت

The CRC 64780 Contact Cleaner is designed to maintain the peak performance of electrical equipment. Its advanced, non-chlorinated formula safely cleans sensitive electronic components, quickly evaporating without leaving any residue.

Product Features:

  • Plastic-Safe: Ideal for use on a variety of plastics without damage.
  • Rapid Evaporation: Ensures quick drying without the need for rinsing.
  • No Residue: Leaves surfaces clean, preventing potential dysfunction or corrosion.
  • Low Toxicity: Prioritizes user safety with its high purity, stable formula.
  • Versatility: Suitable for IT, automotive, marine, and healthcare equipment maintenance.


  • Pack Size: 400ml aerosol can
  • Formulation: Non-flammable, contains no ozone-depleting substances, NSF K2 Registered.
  • Applications: Electronic connectors, PCBs, switches, and more​.
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