Absorbent Pads Universal Heavy 300 GSM | PD80UI

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Shop Absorbent Pads Universal Heavy 100 pads GSM | PD80UI For Best Price Online At Toolmart

Dream Safety Universal Absorbent Pads - Heavy Duty Protection for Your Workplace

Looking for a heavy-duty solution to control spills and overflows? Introducing Dream Safety Universal Absorbent Pads, your ideal ally for industries, garages, laboratories, workshops, and any high-risk area where chemicals might be spilled.

Product Overview:

Our absorbent pads are specially designed to handle chemicals, oils, water, and other hazardous liquids. With a top-class absorbency capacity of 79 liters and a weight of 80 gm per piece, you can trust these pads to do the heavy lifting!


  • Dimensions: Each pad measures 40 cm W x 50 cm L.
  • Material: Constructed with a robust polypropylene core and fine outer fiber layers.
  • Non-Woven Material Technology: The innovative meltblown technique enhances absorption and tear strength.
  • Absorbency: Extremely high absorption capacity; retains oils, coolants, solvents, water, and various chemicals.
  • Durability: Moderate durability with fire resistance. Doesn't burn but melts under high heat.
  • Phobicity/Philicity Fibre: Hydrophobic fibers provide increased resistance to moisture.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Grey in color and designed to be fire-resistant.

Package Details:

You'll receive a bale of 100 pads, each with the Dream Safety quality guarantee. If you need more, we also offer pallet quantities of 30 packages, product code PD80UI.

Ease of Use:

No dust when handling, these pads not only absorb but ensure that the liquid is distributed evenly and contained within the sheet. A handy solution for preventive measures as well as a quick response to accidents.


Ideal for industries, garages, laboratories, workshops, or wherever there are risks of chemical spills.

Why Choose Dream Safety Universal Absorbent Pads?

The Dream Safety Universal absorbent pads are a must-have for any workspace dealing with hazardous materials. With their high tear strength and innovative design, they are built to last and provide peace of mind in any spill-prone environment.

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