Xiaomi PAD 6 Keyboard EU

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Enhance your Xiaomi PAD 6 with the Xiaomi Keyboard EU. Offering a seamless typing experience, smart connectivity, and stylish protection.

The Xiaomi PAD 6 Keyboard EU is more than just a keyboard; it's a comprehensive working solution that transforms your Xiaomi PAD 6 into an efficient workstation in seconds. This innovative accessory combines a protective folio case with a magnetic back plate for stable connection, ensuring your pad is securely supported. The keyboard boasts a 64-key layout with essential keys like Esc for quick actions and Fn for accessing shortcuts, making operations simple and effective. With a comfortable 1.3mm key travel distance, it promises an optimal typing experience. Connectivity is seamless thanks to Pogo Pin contacts ensuring ultra-low latency and a stable connection. Its exquisite design features a slim, lightweight form factor with a premium black PU leather finish, offering both style and functionality​​.

Specifications & Features:

  • Layout: 64-key with Esc and Fn keys
  • Key Travel: 1.3mm for comfortable typing
  • Connectivity: Pogo Pin for stable, low-latency input
  • Design: Slim, lightweight with premium black PU leather
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for Xiaomi PAD 6
  • Functionality: Combines keyboard and protective case with smart features
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