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EMTOP dedicates to create the most cost-effective full-range tools: hand tools, power source, power tools, and accessories, we are focusing on top quality but at the most competitive price. Our mission is to bring top tools to your work.To be with you.
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  1. Emtop "EAGR07581" Angle grinder 750W (115mm)
    Angle grinder 750W (115mm)
    Special Price IQD 31,000 Regular Price IQD 33,500
  2. Angle Grinder 900W (125mm)
    Angle Grinder 900W (125mm)
    IQD 38,500
  3. Angle Grinder 2400W (230mm)
    Angle Grinder 2400W (230mm)
    IQD 92,000
  4. Angle Polisher 1400W (180mm)
    Angle Polisher 1400W (180mm)
    IQD 93,000
  5. Rotary Hammer 800W (SDS+ 26mm)
    Rotary Hammer 800W (SDS+ 26mm)
    IQD 80,500
  6. Emtop "ERHRP1502" Rotary Hammer 1500W (SDS+ 32mm)
    Rotary Hammer 1500W (SDS+ 32mm)
    Special Price IQD 103,500 Regular Price IQD 111,500
  7. Rotary Hammer 1600W (SDSMax 38mm)
    Rotary Hammer 1600W (SDSMax 38mm)
    IQD 152,500
  8. Demolition Breaker 1500W
    Demolition Breaker 1500W
    IQD 309,500
  9. Demolition Breaker 1700W
    Demolition Breaker 1700W
    IQD 210,000
  10. Wall chaser 125mm
    Wall chaser 125mm
    Special Price IQD 121,500 Regular Price IQD 146,500
  11. Circular saw 185mm
    Circular saw 185mm
    IQD 96,000
  12. Jig saw 400W
    Jig saw 400W
    Special Price IQD 29,500 Regular Price IQD 37,000
  13. Emtop "EHGN20001" Heat gun 2000W
    Heat gun 2000W
    IQD 32,500
  14. Emtop "EABR6001" Aspirator blower 600W
    Aspirator blower 600W
    IQD 38,500
  15. Emtop "EABR8001" Aspirator blower 800W
    Aspirator blower 800W
    IQD 57,500
  16. plastic tube welding tool
    plastic tube welding tool
    Special Price IQD 65,000 Regular Price IQD 72,000
  17. SDS+ 2Cut 6x160mm
    SDS+ 2-Cut 160mm Set
    IQD 1,500
  18. Emtop "EHDR12101" Hammer Drill & Chisel (10 Pcs) Set
    Hammer Drill & Chisel Set
    IQD 18,000
  19. 6PCS HSS twist drill bits set
    6PCS HSS Twist Drill Bits Set
    IQD 2,000
  20. SDS+ Flat chisel 250mm
    SDS+ Flat chisel 250mm
    IQD 2,500
  21. SDS+ point chisel 250mm
    SDS+ point chisel 250mm
    IQD 2,500
  22. Abrasive metal disc (230x1.6 mm)
    Abrasive metal disc (230x1.6 mm)
    IQD 2,000
  23. Stoning hammer 1000G
    Stoning hammer 1000G
    IQD 7,000
  24. Emtop "EHAMSH1500" Stoning hammer 1500G
    Stoning hammer 1500G
    IQD 9,500
  25. Ball pin hammer 16oz
    Ball pin hammer 16oz
    IQD 5,000
  26. Emtop "EPLRW0611" Wire stripping plier
    Wire stripping plier
    IQD 5,000
  27. Emtop "EPLRC0821" High leverage combination plier
    High leverage combination plier
    IQD 7,000
  28. ُEmtop "EPLRHD0721" High leverage diagonal  plier
    High leverage diagonal plier
    IQD 6,500
  29. ُEmtop "EPLS0321" high leverage pliers set
    high leverage pliers set
    IQD 17,000
  30. Insulated Combination Plier 1000V
    Insulated Combination Plier 1000V
    IQD 8,000
  31. Emtop "EPLRD0631" Insulated diagonal cutting plier 1000V
    Insulated cutting plier 180 ml 1000V
    IQD 8,000
  32. Insulated 180mm diagonal cutting plier 1000V
    Insulated 180mm diagonal cutting plier 1000V
    Special Price IQD 7,500 Regular Price IQD 8,500
  33. Emtop "EPLRL0631" Insulated long nose plier 1000V
    Insulated long nose plier 1000V
    IQD 7,500
  34. Insulated wire stripping plier 1000V
    Insulated wire stripping plier 1000V
    IQD 9,000
  35. Insulated pump plier 1000V
    Insulated pump plier 1000V
    IQD 9,500
  36. Emtop "ECCT018701" Electrician's Scissors
    Electrician's Scissors
    IQD 5,000
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