NGK Laser Plug (BKR6EGP)

NGK G-Power Laser Spark Plug BKR6EGP (4 Pcs) 

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NGK G-Power Series Spark Plug BKR6EGP


NGK G-Power Series offers the performance and durability of platinum at a competitive price. Fine wire platinum tipped center electrode reduces required voltage for better starts, superior acceleration and increased fuel economy.

  • Trapezoidal ground electrode reduces quenching
  • High-grade alumina silicate ceramic for stronger insulation
  • Cold-rolled threads prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads


Product Specifications


  • Shell
Thread Diameter        14mm
Thread Pitch 1.25mm
Seat Type Gasket
Reach 19mm (3/4")
Hex Size 5/8" (16mm)
Terminal Type  Solid
Overall Height ISO
Gap .039" (1.0mm)


  • Center Electrode
Material Platinum
Type Fine Wire
Size 0.6mm
Projection Projected

  • Ground Electrode
Material Nickel
Type Standard
Shape Trapezoid


  • Other Specifications
Resistor             Yes
Resistor Value 5K Ohm
Heat Range 5
Torque Specs Cast Iron: 18-25.3 lb. ft. Aluminum: 18-21.6 lb. ft.
Longevity 40k Miles


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NGK Laser Plug (BKR6EGP)

IQD 12,500.0