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Digital Lock (YDM3168)

Digital Lock (YDM3168) - 2 access solutions to open your door:RF card key & PIN code.

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IQD 782,500

YDM3168 mortice lock is a new smart solution for residential & "light" commercial applications. High level of security with the 3 deadbolts motorized lock and 2 access solutions: RF card key & PIN code. The innovative features, such as alarms, fake code, automatic locking and integration feature, will provide comfort and will increase your feeling of security.



PIN code: 6-12 digits

Proximity cards up to 40 users

Zigbee and Zwave integration module available (optional)

Mechanical keys override

Voice guidance available

Built-in 80db burglar alarm

Easy installation

Scramble code

Available in silver finish



Motorized mortise lock

Backset: 60mm

Door Thickness: 40 to 105mm

4 x AA batteries

Available for wooden and steel doors

Automatic lock mode

Operation temperature: -15 to +55C

Suitable for left or right opening

Dimensions: front body 311 (D) x 64 (W) x 26 (H) mm; back body 311 (D) x 72(W) x 31 (H)mm

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