FIX2 GT Adhesive Silicon

Tytan Fast and strong mounting adhesive, with 400KG bonding power
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FIX² GT is an irreplaceable mounting adhesive in every construction work.
Thanks to its special properties it makes your work more efficient and quicker.

Tired of wasting time for waiting until the adhesive will cure?
Need reliable product that you can use for various materials and in a various weather conditions?
Choose FIX² GT and enjoy the benefits for your business.


Matches most of popular construction materials

Full strength after just 3 hours

Achieves very high adhesive strength - up to 400kg/10cm²



  1. Chemically neutral productdoes not contain solvents, silicones and isocyanates
  2. Excellent strengthThe resulting connection can be loaded after 30 minutes
    and full strength is achieved up to 3 hours
  3. Great adhesionWorks perfectly in joining most materials, including moist (not wet) surfaces
  4. Resistant to changing weather conditionsDoes not lose its properties while contacting with UV radiation and in a wide temperature range
  5. Damping vibrationthe flexible joint has a high resistance to all vibrations, shocks, impacts and stresses
  6. Non- corosiveSafe for sensitive surfaces and metals, without exposing them to rust


Packing: 290 ML Cartige




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FIX2 GT Adhesive Silicon

IQD 18,000