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Professional for cladding and curtain walls

Size & Color : White 300ML

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IQD 4,500


Single-component, deoxime neutral curing,
medium/high modulus.

High tensile strength, high adhesive ability.

Excellent unprimed adhesion to most common
building substrates with good expanding Performance
and waterproof capability.

After cure form a clod and heat resistant, noncorrosive,
flexile sealant body.

Excellent weatherproof, age resistant, ultraviolet
ant ozone resistant ability.

Good capability with other Wurth series silicone


Main Function

Weatherproof sealing of glass curtain wall, stone
curtain wall(marble, granite), aluminium curtain
wall and metal structural curtain wall.

Perimeter joints and other architectural and
industrial sealing.


Operating Instruction

Suggest the proportion of the sealant width and
thickness is 2 by 1.

Surface temperature of the substrate could not
exceed 40 degree centigrade.

All the material should be clean out; remove
dust/dirt or other feculence.

Before handling perfom the capability and adhesion
test to confirm good adhesion.

Cut the nozzle to desired size and apply sealant
into the joint. Perform regular site adhesion test to
confirm good adhesion and joint fill.


Safety Notice

Avoid breathing vapor. Keep container closed.
Use with adequate ventilation. If inhaled, remove
to fresh air, if effects persist, get medical

Before handling perfom the capability and adhesion
test to make sure that the product is fit for the

We only promise the quality of the product within
the period of validity under proper storage.


Technical Data

Drooping degree  ≤ 1mm 
Skin dry time   (23 ± 2 C) ≤ 40min 
Maximum elongate ratio  ≥ 150% 
Rigidity (shore A )  40
Elongate intension   ≥ 6.0 mpa 
Movement capability   ± 50% 


Typical Physical Properties

These values are intended for use in preparing specifications
Cure type  Neutral 
Flow sag or slump  Aplomp ≤1 
Horizontal 0
Extrusion rate gr/min  ≥ 110g/min 
Penetrtion (1/10 mm)  ≥ 1mm
Working time  10 - 20min 
Skin over time  10 - 15min 
Staining  0
Cure time   24h 
Modulus at 100% elongation  ≥ 100% 
Elestic recovery  ≥ 80% 
Movement capability  ± 50% 
Service temperature range  45°C 
Hardness (shore A)  45 - 50 
Tensite strength  0.6 mpa 
Elongation at break  ≥ 200% 
Specific gravity  1.418


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