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Elastic PU adhesive and sealant for a broad range of uses

300 ML  - Available in 3 colors : ( White,Grey,Black)

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IQD 10,500


Outstanding adhesive strength on a wide range of materials and surfaces.

Approved for use with foodstuffs (ISEGA certificate)

  • Harmless to health in hardened state
  • Suitable for gluing and sealing in food processing areas

Highly elastic

  • Bonding of identical and different substances possible
  • Compensation of different material expansions
  • Absorbs vibrations and sounds

Long skin formation time

  • Allows bonding or sealing of complex components
  • Also ideal for large surfaces
  • Assembly components can be repositioned

Can be ground/painted

Following skin formation, can be mechanically machined and paintedover without surface activation (perform preliminary tests to check paint compatibility).

Not corrosive

Avoids corroding the metal


For a wide range of bonding and sealing work on surface materials such as metal, painted surfaces, wood, stone, concrete and plastic (polyester and hard PVC).


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