‫‬‬‫سيت لقمة +سيت سبانة | 82 قطعة

‫‬‬‫سيت لقمة +سيت سبانة | 82 قطعة من ياتو
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ِAbout This Item

Yato YT-12691 Socket Tool Set is a professional toolkit, developed to meet the needs of specialized car and mechanical services.


  • Socket wrenches and socket drives are made of durable (CrV6140, CrV6150, CrV 50BV3) chrome-vanadium steel material.
  • Sockets equipped with the AS-Drive system, increasing the maximum torque by 25 percent with full protection of the rim of the nuts, sockets with a two-tone surface finish.
  • The caps were made by the die forging method and before the hardening process, they were calibrated using precision gauges and control devices.
  • The socket set enables work requiring very high loads and precision, it allows us to perform many service activities related to unscrewing and tightening threaded connections of various nominal sizes.
  • The set will be used for assembly works, mechanical repairs and many other works in the household or workshop.

What Is Included

  • 1/2-inch sockets: 10-32 mm, L=42 mm
  • 1/2-inch long sockets: 14; 15; 17; 19 mm, L = 76 mm
  • 1/4-inch sockets: 4-14 mm, L = 25 mm
  • 1/4-inch sockets long: 6-13 mm, L = 50 mm
  • and more of total 82 elements.
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‫‬‬‫سيت لقمة +سيت سبانة | 82 قطعة - مفاتيح الربط و الشد - ادوات يدوية و اكسسوارات

IQD 126,000