كاميرا ذكية وايفاي | BC2

Ezviz Wi-Fi Smart Home Battery Camera, BC2
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Goes anywhere, fits in any style

Meet a camera that packs a bundle of features anyone could use for indoor protection, companionship, and fun. Battery-powered and mini-sized with a modern look, the BC2 finds a place virtually anywhere inside your home. Mount it on the included magnetic base, attach it to any metallic surface, and it’s good to go.


An accessory to enhance your home

Say goodbye to bulky and intrusive smart home cameras. EZVIZ’s BC2 is beautifully designed with a modern, refined look, and is extremely compact in size. The BC2 can find a place in any home style.


Install in a breeze

With the included magnetic base, you can snap the BC2 camera onto any metallic surface. Feel free to move it to another spot whenever you want, without worrying about leaving any drill holes or sticky adhesive behind.


Stay powered on, with no strings attached

The BC2 is embedded with a 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery to run up to 50 days on a full charge¹. No more need to install it near an outlet – in fact, you can even take it with you on a road trip! In emergencies or power outages, when most home cameras stop working, you BC2 will continue to operate and record events in its local memory³.


Smart alerts that truly matter

Don’t want to get alerted repeatedly when your curtains flutter in the wind? The BC2 integrates a PIR sensor with a human-shape detection algorithm to make sure it alerts you only when it matters.


Connect and care, from anywhere

Use your mobile phone to speak in real time to your loved ones who appear in your camera view, so you’ll know that they’re safe at home.


Great vision for round-the-clock protection

In addition to crisp 1080p video quality, the BC2 renders clear night vision to provide peace of mind even in pitch black darkness.


Safe, flexible video storage that you can trust

Secure your recorded videos on a local microSD card up to 256 GB, or subscribe to EZVIZ’s CloudPlay for fully-encrypted cloud storage and extra peace of mind.

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كاميرا ذكية وايفاي | BC2

Special Price IQD 94,500 Regular Price IQD 96,000